Criminal Appeals Handbook - Press Release

Press Release
February 2015

Criminal Appeals Handbook9781780434636

Daniel Jones, Gregory Stewart and Joel Bennethan QC

What have the judiciary said?

“It o¬ffers a clear route through the labyrinth and it is packed with excellent legal analysis. In the result, I suspect that many members of the judiciary will have it close at hand as a critical point of reference.”
The Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Fulford, Deputy Senior Presiding Judge
(From the Foreword to the book)

Appealing to the Court of Appeal and beyond to the Supreme Court

The Criminal Appeals Handbook is a practical guide to appealing from the Crown Court, to the Court of Appeal and beyond. Its aim is to assist those who seek to challenge a conviction or sentence that was imposed in the Crown Court.

It contains guidance on each stage of the appeal process from defence investigations to the steps that can be taken in the search for justice, in the event that an appeal is unsuccessful. Applications to the Supreme Court, the Criminal Cases Review Commission and European Court of Human Rights receive detailed consideration.

Invaluable guide to a daunting area of criminal litigation

The Handbook also provides guidance on interlocutory appeals and responding to prosecution appeals, as well as considering the position of defendants who suffer from mental disorders. It is therefore, an invaluable guide to an often daunting area of criminal litigation, which will be of assistance to the experienced practitioner as well as to those who are taking their first steps in the Court of Appeal.

The contents include:
• Guidance on conducting defence investigations
• Guidance on public funding
• Obtaining access to sources of pro bono and charitable assistance
• Preparing an application for leave to appeal following R v McCook
• Detailed consideration of appealing against confiscation orders
• Bail in the Court of Appeal
• Costs
• Drafting and advocacy suggestions

The Appendices include sample grounds of appeal, applications for extension of time and applications for extension of time within which to apply for leave.

Who should read this book?

The Criminal Appeals Handbook will prove an essential aide for solicitors, barristers and solicitor advocates who are called upon to advise and represent in appeals. Prison librarians and academics will also find it useful as a comprehensive guide to the appeals process.

About the authors

Daniel Jones is a barrister who practices from Dyers Chambers in London. He was called to the bar in 2002 and specialises in crime and extradition.
Gregory Stewart is a senior solicitor and higher courts advocate who heads the appeals department at GT Stewart, a leading London firm specialising in all areas of criminal appeals.
Joel Bennathan QC of Doughty Street Chambers has an established defence practice in serious and complex crime with a specialism in a broad range of appeals.
With contributions from Rebecca Penfold, Barrister, Dyers Chambers and Emily Bolton, Solicitor, National Pro Bono Centre.

ISBN: 9781780434636 Pub date: February 2015 Format: Paperback
Price: £50 Extent: 340pp


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