Bloomsbury Cyber Law Briefing: January Teaser

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The pseudo-anonymity of Bitcoin is up for debate in court again as a cryptocurrency exchange has been compelled to reveal details of an account accused of fraud (Mr Dollar Bill Limited v Persons Unknown, Binance Holdings Limited, Huobi Global Limited [2021] EWHC 2718).

Also in the High Court, legal issues concerning the emerging digital asset class of Non-Fungible Tokens will be heard, in what is expected to be a landmark case involving a dispute relating to a digital art auction.

The courts are lagging when it comes to dealing with such issues of cryptocurrency, digital assets and developments in AI, a government advisor has warned. Experts have called for the creation of an independent body to assess how the law can catch up with technology.

One area regulators are considering an intervention is cloud computing, as the UK’s financial services sector is becoming increasingly reliant on three main providers. The concentration of services and threat to stability has worried the Bank of England and Financial Conduct Authority.

Continued disruption due to the coronavirus pandemic has prompted the government to extend the window for videoconferencing software such as Zoom, Skype and FaceTime to be used in the recording of wills. Individuals who have to isolate have until January 2024, after which the law is expected to revert to normal.

Meanwhile, a man who hacked into webcams and the devices of children using what prosecutors billed “a cyber-criminal's toolkit” has been jailed for two years.

Finally, the UK government has announced the launch of its new National Cyber Strategy, a blueprint to protect the UK from cyber threats.

Written by Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor is a journalist, copywriter and editor. His specialisms include regulatory compliance in cannabis, gambling, financial services, and white-collar crime. He is a co-founder of Cannabis Legals (, a regulatory compliance information portal and daily news source for businesses active in the cannabis space.

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