Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor is a journalist, copywriter and editor. His specialisms include regulatory compliance in cannabis, gambling, financial services, and white-collar crime. He is a co-founder of Cannabis Legals (, a regulatory compliance information portal and daily news source for businesses active in the cannabis space.

Recent Posts

Bloomsbury Cyber Law Briefing: January Teaser

The Cyber Briefing is part of the Bloomsbury Law Online Service. The full briefing is available here. Read more

Coronavirus ground activity to a halt

The plan was to spend a couple of months in Italy at the start of the year and then begin promoting the book in March. It’s fair to say it was all going swimmingly until I broke my leg on a ski slope... Read more

Draft cannabis law advances in Mexico

Mexico has taken a step further towards a fully legal adult recreational cannabis market after draft legislation sailed through the Senate last week. Read more

UK lifts medicinal cannabis import restrictions, promises further action

The UK government has eased import restrictions on medicinal cannabis, and has promised to do more to improve access for patients campaigning for access to the drug. Read more

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