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Negotiating contracts

Who drafts the contract? The original agreement (and the clauses it contains) is the starting point. You are immediately at a disadvantage if you are adapting someone else’s draft proposals. The... Read more

Junior Doctors 81 v MPs zero - why we need to insist on contracts for MPs

MPs do not a sign a contract A Junior Doctor will be expected to sign an 81-page contract with hundreds of pages of attachments setting out their duties and responsibilities, pay structure, hours... Read more

Reasons to review, adapt and create new contracts for your business

Contracts protect your company When first setting up a business there is often a cavalier approach to contracts that denigrates their role. However it is a dangerous path to take and is more... Read more

Entire agreement clauses, misrepresentation and construction

Purpose of the clause An entire agreement clause is intended to exclude representations, promises, statements and assurances made before a contract is signed. The aim is to ensure that any matter... Read more

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