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Update: Discrimination Law Looseleaf

We are delighted to announce that Robin White has joined Discrimination Law as a new contributor. Read more

Employment and Pensions Law (25 June - 9 July)

Employment News One in five LGBT people still aren’t ‘out’ at work, according to national survey People Management – 4 July According to a recent survey of LGBT employees, 19% of respondents have not... Read more

IP & IT Law (25 June - 9 July)

IP & IT News Privacy policies of tech giants 'still not GDPR-compliant' The Guardian – 5 July Pan-European consumer group BEUC have criticised companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Google, for... Read more

Immigration Law (18 June - 2 July)

Immigration News Retirees returning to Jamaica face 'extreme' murder risk, say police The Guardian – 29 June According to a former Police Chief of Jamaica, Jamaican expats who retire to Jamaica... Read more

Family Law (18 June - 2 July)

Family News Childminders leave sector at rate of six-a-day Cypnow – 27 June Between December 2017 and March 2018, an average of six childminders left the sector per day. In the past six years, there... Read more

Judges on Twitter: some other common law jurisdictions

During a high profile criminal trial in Canada some years ago, the trial judge discovered that someone had created a fake Twitter account in his name. Reporters covering the trial began following the... Read more

Bloomsbury IP/IT Law Briefing: June Teaser

This month’s IP and IT Briefing focuses on two important trade mark judgments: the UK Supreme Court’s ruling in Cartier International AG and others v British Telecommunications Plc and another [2018]... Read more

Employment and Pensions Law (11 June - 25 June)

Feature of the Fortnight According to the Professional Adviser, 12,000 people have now signed a petition to reverse the government’s plans to raise the state pension retirement age (SPA) to 68... Read more

IP & IT Law (11 June - 25 June)

IP & IT News YouTube faces paying billions to music stars after copyright vote The Guardian – 20 June YouTube has lost a ‘crucial’ vote in Brussels, and new copyright laws will now lead to the music... Read more

Immigration Law (4 June - 18 June)

Immigration News Immigration rules 'to be eased to allow NHS to recruit more staff' The Independent – 14 June Sajid Javid, the newly appointed Home Secretary is expected to announce the removal of... Read more

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