Immigration Law (16 August – 30 August)

Immigration News 107,000 children under 16 applied under the EU settlement scheme in last 10 months Family Law Week – 27 August Between 28 August 2018 and 30 June 2019, 107,000 under-16s applied... Read more

Family Law (16 August – 30 August)

Family Law Parliament shut-down puts justice bills under threat The Law Society – 28 August Boris Johnson’s plans to prorogue parliament could impact several key pieces of legislation. There are a... Read more

Q&A with Andrew Roy

Bloomsbury Professional catch up with lawyer and author, Andrew Roy. Read more

Bloomsbury IP & IT Briefing: August Teaser

This month’s IP and IT Briefing covers three important copyright cases from the CJEU – the Kraftwerk case on samples (Pelham GmbH, Moses Pelham, Martin Haas v Ralf Hütter, Florian Schneider‑Esleben Read more

Employment and Pensions Law (9 August – 23 August)

Employment News Brexit: EU migration rules 'to end straight after no-deal' BBC News – 19 August If there is a no-deal Brexit on 31 October, the government has decided that free movement will end... Read more

IP & IT Law (9 August – 23 August)

IP & IT News Four Rings to Rule Them All – German Federal Court of Justice Finds Trademark Infringement in Radiator Grille with Audi-Logo-Shaped Mounting Fixture IPKat – 20 August The German... Read more

Bloomsbury Immigration Law Briefing: August Teaser

Welcome to the latest Bloomsbury Immigration Law Briefing which covers the period up to 20 August 2019. This edition covers three significant pieces of secondary legislation covering,... Read more

Junior Doctors 81 v MPs zero - why we need to insist on contracts for MPs

MPs do not a sign a contract A Junior Doctor will be expected to sign an 81-page contract with hundreds of pages of attachments setting out their duties and responsibilities, pay structure, hours... Read more

Immigration Law (2 August – 16 August)

Immigration News Immigration centre abuse inquiry must be held in public, court says The Guardian – 8 August A hearing has been ordered for an inquiry into claims of systemic abuse at Brook House... Read more

Family Law (2 August – 16 August)

Family News Stepsister wins legal battle over which parent died first The Guardian – 13 August A recent inheritance dispute between two stepsisters went to the High Court, where it was decided... Read more

Reasons to review, adapt and create new contracts for your business

Contracts protect your company When first setting up a business there is often a cavalier approach to contracts that denigrates their role. However it is a dangerous path to take and is more... Read more

IP & IT Law (26 July – 9 August)

IP & IT News ICO launches consultation on the draft framework code of practice for the use of personal data in political campaigning ICO – 9 August The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) is... Read more

Employment and Pensions Law (26 July – 9 August)

Employment News UK employment slows ahead of Brexit finale Consultancy – 9 August With the Brexit deadline around the corner, the outlook employment has fallen to its lowest in more than a year. ... Read more

Bloomsbury Family Law Briefing: August Teaser

July is the month when judges clear their in-trays of the previous legal year’s outstanding cases, so a bumper month… These are a suggestion for July’s….: Read more

Unpacking Mediation 3: Neutrality

This is the third of five blog posts looking at key elements in the classic definition of mediation. My first two discussed confidentiality and voluntary mediation. Read more

Bloomsbury International Arbitration Briefing: August Teaser

In Brief Micula V European Commission (In Cases T‑624/15, T‑694/15 and T‑704/15) Read more

Family Law (19 July – 2 August)

Family News Domestic abuse victim to go into hiding as ex freed after six months The Guardian – 29 July Abigail Blake, who was left permanently disabled by her ex-partner in 2017, has called for... Read more

Immigration Law (19 July – 2 August)

Immigration News Leave to remain – but no home to remain in after fees treble The Guardian – 31 July The cost of renewing an application for a resident with limited leave to remain has increased... Read more

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