IP & IT Briefing: July Teaser

This month’s Briefing rounds up some recent patent developments in the UK courts. Read more

How Legal Professionals Can Avoid Information Overload

Immigration Law (16 July – 30 July)

Immigration News Sajid Javid to consider ending indefinite immigration detention The Guardian – 24 July Following the publication of a highly critical report of conditions in immigration detention,... Read more

Family Law (16 July – 30 July)

Family News Excluded pupils 'abandoned by education system' Cypnow – 25 July The education select committee has released a report stating too many children are being excluded and failing to receive... Read more

Dealing with the liberty of a damaged young person

Deprivation of liberty and care proceedings ‘[15] Lennox House is a large detached house in a rural setting in Scotland, which was originally a working farm. It is on the outskirts of a village,... Read more

Bloomsbury Family Law Seminars

Mediation law: negotiation and agreement Mediation forms a fundamental part of any proceedings for family – married and unmarried – breakdown. But to what extent can mediation and court proceedings... Read more

Six key issues to check in any contract

There are recurring themes which cause problems in many types of agreements because the issues are not raised during negotiations and so are not drafted with any certainty in the contract clauses.... Read more

IP & IT Law (9 July – 23 July)

IP & IT News Google hit with €4.3bn Android fine from EU BBC News – 18 July Google has been fined €4.34billion (£3.9 billion) after the European Commission stated the firm had used Android’s mobile... Read more

Employment and Pensions Law (9 July – 23 July)

Employment News Care workers not entitled to minimum wage for sleep-in shifts Lewis Silkin – 18 July Lewis Silkin discusses the case of Royal Mencap Society v Tomlinson-Blake. The Court of Appeal... Read more

Family Law (2 July - 16 July)

Family News Courts Service to up the ante on digital divorce and probate Legal Features – 16 July According to HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS), the next step for modernising the courts is to... Read more

Immigration Law (2 July – 16 July)

Immigration News Widowed father ordered to leave UK against advice of Home Office's own lawyers The Guardian – 16 July The Guardian reports on another case of the Home Office misusing paragraph... Read more

Why Quizzes are working to attract browsers to websites

The idea of a quiz may seem like a superficial thing. A bit of frivolity to pass the time perhaps. But in the competitive landscape of web and digital, they have come to represent a powerful type of... Read more

Bloomsbury Family Law Briefing: July Teaser

Care Crisis Review: Family Rights Group and Sir Andrew McFarlane The Family Rights Group has published its review of care proceedings; and this was introduced by the next Family Division President,... Read more

Q&A with Paul Lambert

Bloomsbury Professional catch up with author, Paul Lambert. Read more

July Online Service Updates

What’s new in our plethora of law online services? Steve Savory summarises the highlights. Read more

Employment and Pensions Law (25 June - 9 July)

Employment News One in five LGBT people still aren’t ‘out’ at work, according to national survey People Management – 4 July According to a recent survey of LGBT employees, 19% of respondents have not... Read more

IP & IT Law (25 June - 9 July)

IP & IT News Privacy policies of tech giants 'still not GDPR-compliant' The Guardian – 5 July Pan-European consumer group BEUC have criticised companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Google, for... Read more

Immigration Law (18 June - 2 July)

Immigration News Retirees returning to Jamaica face 'extreme' murder risk, say police The Guardian – 29 June According to a former Police Chief of Jamaica, Jamaican expats who retire to Jamaica... Read more

Family Law (18 June - 2 July)

Family News Childminders leave sector at rate of six-a-day Cypnow – 27 June Between December 2017 and March 2018, an average of six childminders left the sector per day. In the past six years, there... Read more

Cyber Security

In today’s age, the use of technology has progressed to the point that we rely on it in almost all aspects of our life. Whether it’s using computer desktops at work, watching the news on your tablet... Read more

Judges on Twitter: some other common law jurisdictions

During a high profile criminal trial in Canada some years ago, the trial judge discovered that someone had created a fake Twitter account in his name. Reporters covering the trial began following the... Read more

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