Q&A with David Burrows

Bloomsbury Professional catch up with solicitor and family law author, David Burrows. Read more

Employment and Pensions Law (12 - 26 March)

Employment News Gender pay gap soars after City giant breaks ranks to include partners The Law Society Gazette – 23 March Norton Rose Fulbright has released its gender pay gap figures, and is the... Read more

IP & IT Law (12 - 26 March)

Feature of the Fortnight The news has been littered with outrage following the revelation that 50 million Facebook users’ data was harvested by analytics company Cambridge Analytica and used to... Read more

Children proceedings: a fair trial

How different were things in 2016? As explained at 3.70, in Re S (Care Proceedings: Case Management) [2016] EWCA Civ 83, [2017] 1 FLR 1476 the Court of Appeal was confronted by a 15-year-old (K)... Read more

Gillick and children’s rights

In the light of the House of Lords in Gillick v West Norfolk and Wisbech AHA [1985] UKHL 7, [1986] 1 AC 112, [1986] 1 FLR 224 and the Cleveland Inquiry report and of other impetus for child law... Read more

Legal aid for child representation

As can be seen from Chapter 6, Part 6, the legal aid scheme which applies to all this is beset by its own semantic contortions. Definitions do not parallel those in the children proceedings scheme.... Read more

Representation of children and their rights

This book is about child law: the rights of children and the way they give evidence and express views in courts. But rights are of little meaning if you do not know about them; or you do not have... Read more

Arbitration (12 February - 12 March)

Arbitration News SPC Provisions sheds light on enforcement of arbitral awards Global Arbitration News – 8 March SPC Provisions on Issues related to Enforcement of Arbitral Awards by the People’s... Read more

Immigration Law (5 March - 16 March)

Immigration News MPs back refugee family reunification bill The Guardian – 16 March A bill to allow child refugees to bring close relatives to the UK has been backed by MPs, and will now progress to... Read more

Family Law (28 February - 19 March)

Family News Judge slams council that ‘wrongly and abusively’ kept children in section 20 care Community Care – 19 March Justice Keehan has criticised the local authority in Herefordshire for misusing... Read more

NAGALRO Annual Conference 2018 - Keynote Address

Contact: a point of view Introduction In opening today’s conference, which is focused upon the topic of ‘contact’, I have been invited to express a point of view and I wish to do so by highlighting... Read more

Teaser - Personal Injury Schedules: Calculating Damages

In cases of serious or catastrophic injury, the largest and most important elements of the damages claim are those for future accommodation and future care. The new edition of Personal Injury... Read more

Making a cost-effective video to promote your work

We live in the age of video. From streaming feature films, to watching Ted Talks on the PC, right down to family 'shorts' taken that instant on a smartphone, never has so much access to moving... Read more

Judicial blogging: Sir Henry Brooke’s Musings, Memories and Miscellanea

My last post considered How judges get around the official ban on writing or contributing to ‘web logs’ – essentially by writing content that would sit comfortably in a blog post and is little... Read more

Bloomsbury Family Law Briefing: March Teaser

 Domestic abuse: moves to reform in Spring 2018 The Home Office Interpersonal Violence Team plan a consultation exercise for reform of domestic abuse law; and the Sentencing Council had issued... Read more

Factors to consider in a contract when a company sponsors an event

The purpose of the agreement is the focus not the genre Read more

March Online Service Updates

What’s new in our plethora of law online services? Steve Savory summarises the highlights. Read more

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