Immigration Law (12– 26 February)

Immigration News 120 women 'on hunger strike' in immigration centre Sky News – 25 February 120 women detained at Yarl’s Wood immigration centre are on hunger strike in protest of ‘continued... Read more

Family Law (12 February – 26 February)

Family News Divorce costs £3,800 a year in retirement income, says Prudential Family Law Week – 23 February According to Prudential, divorcees planning to retire in 2018 can expect to receive £3,800... Read more

The BBC, Equal Pay, the Gender Gap and Transparency

Equal pay is a hot topic. This is partly because of gender pay gap information from a number of well-known companies, but the main impetus has come from the disclosures by the BBC about the pay of... Read more

Q&A with John-Paul Waite

Bloomsbury Professional catch up with barrister and employment law author, John-Paul Waite. Read more

A short survey of the field for McKenzie friends and litigants in person

Litigation help in family proceedings Litigants in person (LiP) and their helpers – McKenzie friends (MF) – have featured prominently in the legal news in the past few weeks. In the two cases... Read more

Law of unintended consequences

In July 2017, the Sentencing Council issued a draft consultation document on the Sentencing of Manslaughter. There is currently no guideline for individual manslaughter offences and no mandatory... Read more

Sports Law (5 - 19 February)

Sports News Warning that PE teachers found selling pupils supplements ‘might encourage doping’ TES – 15 February New research from Leeds Beckett University, which explores ‘schoolboy supplement use’... Read more

Employment and Pensions Law (5 - 19 February)

Feature of the Fortnight Back in July 2017, Matthew Taylor published the Taylor review which was a culmination of an independent review into modern working practices. The Government has published its... Read more

IP & IT Law (5 - 19 February)

IP & IT News Taylor Swift copyright lawsuit dismissed by US judge The Guardian – 14 February A $42 million copyright lawsuit filed against Taylor Swift has been dismissed by a Californian judge. The... Read more

What is the impact of fake news on publishers?

It is one of the most supercharged topics of our age. The concept of intentionally falsified material being promoted on the internet and social media seems scary and abhorrent to the vast majority... Read more

Bloomsbury Family Law Briefing: February Teaser

Appeals: law fact and discretion If a first instance court’s decision is ‘wrong’ an appeal against that decision will be allowed (Civil Procedure Rules 1998, r 52.20(3) and Family Procedure Rules... Read more

Immigration Law (29 January - 12 February)

Immigration News Landmark Supreme Court decision overrules historic gender discrimination in British citizenship Free Movement – 8 February The Supreme Court case of The Advocate General for Scotland... Read more

Family Law (29 January - 12 February)

Family News Councils call for mental health counselling for all pupils Cypnow – 7 February The Local Government Association (LGA) has indicated that every secondary school should be given financial... Read more

Arbitration (29 January - 12 February)

Arbitration News SPC’s New Judicial Interpretations Strengthens Protection of Domestic Arbitral Awards Global Arbitration News – 8 February The Provisions of the Supreme People’s Court on Certain... Read more

Judicial blogging: How judges get around the official ban on writing or contributing to ‘web logs’

The ban on blogging In the popular imagination, the judiciary are perpetually at odds with modernity. It is always a ‘top judge’ who finds himself (it has to be a him, too, doesn’t it?), asking in... Read more

Rights…and wrongs: When collaboration ends up in court

'Two heads are better than one', as the saying goes; and those who work in the creative industries know that a team effort is frequently the only way of completing a project. But if collaboration can... Read more

IP & IT Law (22 January - 5 February)

IP & IT News Amazon could make a bracelet that tracks workers' movements and buzzes them if they move in the wrong direction Business Insider UK – 1 February A patent filed by Amazon for a ‘cuff-like... Read more

Employment and Pensions Law (22 January - 5 February)

Feature of the Fortnight The overhaul of pensions schemes and the perilous collapse of the likes of Carillion’s have been prolific in the news recently. The most recent scandal to emerge is that of... Read more

February Online Service Updates

What's new in our plethora of law online services? Steve Savory summarises the highlights. Read more

January 2018: Employment Bulletin from 5 Essex Court

Message from the Editors: Dan Hobbs & Clare Harrington Welcome back to 'Five from 5', the free bi-monthly employment law bulletin created by the employment team at 5 Essex Court in association with... Read more

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