How do I promote my book with a blog?

Advice on how to be heard online, what’s your voice? Read more

ODR and Mediation- A Marriage Made in Heaven?

Ask most mediators and they will tell that ODR is not true mediation and is a threat to mediators. Why? Read more

Family Law (15-29 January)

Family News Hospital harmed my brain-damaged baby, father tells court The Guardian – 24 January The case of an 11-month old boy who doctors are trying to take off of life support due to brain damage... Read more

Immigration Law (15-29 January)

Feature of the Fortnight A topic that has been the cause of much discussion in the past few weeks has been the meeting between French President, Emmanuel Macron and UK Prime Minister Theresa May. Out... Read more

Q&A with Stephen Walker

Bloomsbury Professional catch up with mediator and author, Stephen Walker. Read more

Narrowing the Gap: Trends in Legal Technology and How You Can Keep Pace

Many would agree that the legal profession has changed dramatically in recent years, and the dynamic environment firms are operating in today also brings great challenges. Some of the main challenges... Read more

IP & IT Law (8-22 January)

IP and IT News Changes to UK Patent Fees Wilson Gunn – 16 January Wilson Gunn detail the new patent fee increases on their website. The patent office has increased the fee for paper filing by more... Read more

Employment and Pensions Law (8-22 January)

Employment News Employers ‘aren’t bothering to verify candidates’ CV claims’ People Management – 18 January A recent BBC investigation has revealed that numerous employers and HR teams are not... Read more

Sports Law (18 December - 22 January)

Sports News Winter Olympics 2018: North Korea will send 22 athletes to Pyeongchang BBC Sport – 20 January Following a series of breakthrough talks in January 2018, North Korea will be sending 22... Read more

Immigration Law (1-15 January)

Feature of the Fortnight The Guardianhas run a personal story about the human rights appeal for visitors and what happens when their visas are rejected. The article details the anguish of Icilda... Read more

Family Law (1-15 January)

Family News Cost of divorce up 17% in three years amid soaring legal fees and housing costs The Independent – 11 January The Independent has reported that divorcing couples now spend an average of... Read more

Why publishers are still the first port of call for professional information

In the age of self-publishing, the advantages still lies with the book trade   “To write is human, to edit is divine.” –Stephen King The advent of digital technology and e-commerce has affected... Read more

The New Data Protection Regime: Preparation and Preparedness from the GDPR to New Issues

Introduction The issues facing companies and organisation when complying with data and the new data protection regime (GDPR) are expanding. Some of the key essential developments and issues that... Read more

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