Contract and Copyright Drafting Skills: Set-Off Read more

Contract and Copyright Drafting Skills: Royalties Read more

Is your business ready for Brexit? Read more

March 2017 - Are discrimination awards set to rise?

The Immigration Act 2016

Immigration bills rarely escape the headlines and the Bill that became the Immigration Act 2016 was no exception.  During its passage, public attention was focused on the government’s attempts to... Read more

The Bridget Lindley OBE Memorial Lecture 2017

Holding the risk: The balance between child protection and the right to family life Lord Justice McFarlane Bridget Lindley was an exceptional individual who, as Cathy Ashley has just reminded us,... Read more

Patient autonomy in medical treatment

While it has always been well established that an adult who lacks capacity cannot give valid consent to treatment, the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) places a renewed emphasis on the autonomy of the... Read more

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