Children giving evidence in family proceedings: a pocket guide to the law

The relevant legal principles that apply to the question of children giving evidence in public law proceedings have recently been re-iterated by McFarlane LJ in E (A Child) [2016] EWCA Civ 473, in... Read more

Would lawyers make good fighter pilots?

I have worked with several law firms through my consulting business and observed some differences with my previous career as an RAF fighter pilot. Lawyers don’t sit strapped to their office chair... Read more

"Nothing Else Will Do" - Lord Justice McFarlane, FLBA National Conference Keynote Address, 22nd October 2016

Over the past 3 years family lawyers, social workers, judges and magistrates have got themselves into a fair old spin over four short words. The words are ‘Nothing else will do’ and they appeared,... Read more

October 2016 - Shared Parental Leave vs Maternity Leave

Secure, secure, secure, absconding

In In the Matter of W (A Child) [2016] EWCA Civ 804, the Court of Appeal addresses two points of particular interest to public children law practitioners. This blog post (briefly) addresses each in... Read more

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