April 2016 - Lies, damned lies and statistics: The truth about Shared Parental Leave

An introduction to prior approval of details

Prior approval is concerned with whether approval is required for specific details or on specific issues before development can take place under certain permitted development rights. Forms of prior... Read more

The Politics of Confidentiality

Adrian Laing As we await the judgment of the Supreme Court of England and Wales to determine whether or not to lift a temporary injunction naming a celebrity who apparently engaged, or sought to... Read more

Termination clauses in an agreement

Deborah Fosbrook The extent of the grounds for termination are very important and the failure to address this issue may have significant financial consequences either to a company or an individual. Read more

Is a Kettle lawful?

Taken from The Protest Handbook by Tom Wainwright, Anna Morris, Katherine Craig and Owen Greenhall. Read more

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