R v Boardman and R v Guraj – The result of limited resources

The Crown Prosecution Service’s (CPS) case preparation has been described as “lamentable” by the Court of Appeal in two decisions in so many weeks. It might be assumed that the rulings would provoke... Read more

The Missing Interview Tape and Other Disclosure Issues

By Liam Gregory, Solicitor, Saunders Law Limited The Defendant’s access to material which may undermine the prosecution case or which supports their version of events is a subject of direct relevance... Read more

A real prospect of DNA exonerations? Disclosure after Nunn

By James Saunders, Solicitor, Saunders Law Limited Summary: A commentary on R (on the application of Nunn) (Appellant) v Chief Constable of Suffolk Constabulary and another (Respondents). 1 Read more

SFO shows that it can target SMES

If any reminder was needed, last month showed that bribery investigations and indeed convictions are not limited to damaging large multi-national companies such as BAE but can be devastating for SMEs... Read more

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