Arbitration (28 March – 11 May)

Arbitration News

White & Case partner Dipen Sabharwal discusses the 2018 International Arbitration Survey

White & Case – 9 May

White & Case have partnered with the School of International Arbitration, Queen Mary University of London to produce the 2018 International Arbitration Survey. Dipen Sabharwal highlights the key findings of the survey in a video within the article, including that ‘London has continued its dominance as the leading seat for international arbitration, followed by Paris, Singapore and Hong Kong.’

London court rejects SCM lawsuit on Ukrtelecom case, company to continue defending its position

Interfax – 3 May

The High Court of Justice has rejected an SCM lawsuit relating to the sale of Ukrtelecom, in which the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) had previously ruled in favour of Raga Establishment. Interfax provides more details.

United Arab Emirates to approve new arbitration law

IAA Network – 24 April

A new arbitration law based on the UNCITRAL Model Law has been approved by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government. The law will replace the country’s Civil Procedure Law, which was put in place in 1992. Although the final draft of the law is not yet public, it is believed to include a number of up-to-date features.

Guide to Domain Name Dispute Resolution

HKIAC – 13 April

The Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) has released the Guide to Domain Name Dispute Resolution (2017). The guide provides information on the HKIAC practice for domain name disputes, including how experienced panels deal with questions concerning use of Chinese characters.

Summary of Arbitral Rules

Global Arbitration News – 28 March

Global Arbitration News provides a table with a general overview of the arbitral rules in different countries. This includes who the costs are allocated to and time limits for award (if not expedited). The full table of countries is available in the article.

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