Arbitration (28 June – 26 July)

Arbitration News

South Korea rejects Japan call for arbitration over wartime labour dispute

Reuters – 19 July

Following a court ruling in 2018 that ordered Japanese companies to pay compensation for using South Korean forced labour during World War Two, South Korea has rejected Japan’s call for third-party arbitration. Tokyo has currently imposed export curbs on high-tech materials to South Korea.

Hong Kong Court grants anti-suit injunction against third party

Global Arbitration News – 16 July

Global Arbitration News examine the recent case of Dickson Valora Group (Holdings) Co Ltd. v Fan Ji Qian [2019] HKCFI 48. The defendant was a non-party to a contract but became entitled to enforce a right under that contract.

English High Court sets aside award for failure to properly cross-examine a witness on a core issue and basing its decision on matters not properly argued by the parties

Herbert Smith Freehills – 15 July

Herbert Smith Freehills discuss the case of P v D [2019] EWHC 1277 (Comm), whereby the English High Court had set aside an arbitral award on the basis that the tribunal had made their decision without access to proper information. The article notes that a witness had not been properly cross-examined, and the case not properly argued.

Creation of New Delhi arbitration centre proposed in India’s lower Houses of Parliament

Herbert Smith Freehills – 8 July

The New Delhi International Arbitration Centre Bill 2019 has been introduced replacing an ordinance issued by the previous government in March 2019. The Bill will allow the creation of a new New Delhi International Arbitration Centre (the NDIAC), which will be ‘tasked with the professional, timely and cost-effective conduct and management of arbitration, mediation and conciliation proceedings in India.’

Wife of China's Meng, former Interpol chief, sues agency

Reuters – 7 July

Grace Meng, the wife of the former head of Interpol, has started legal proceedings against Interpol at the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague. She has sued the global police cooperation agency after her husband went missing in September 2018, following a trip to its headquarters in France.

Written by Ellie MacKenzie

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