Addressing the growing concerns for all IT users

IT lawAs data privacy, information ownership and information usage become a growing concern for all users of IT, the new edition of Information Technology and Intellectual Property Law addresses these concerns by providing an in-depth, yet practical book that equips IP and IT lawyers with a thorough and up-to-date understanding of how to navigate this complex area.

Complete and practical resource

So that you have access to a complete resource, Information Technology and Intellectual Property Law, Sixth Edition covers compute software such as computer programs and databases, and also explores the internet, websites and online delivery of works and other subject matter from the perspective of IT.

Diagrams and flowcharts have also been included in the text to help explain technical aspects and procedures.

Information Technology and Intellectual Property Law is an essential tool for all lawyers to use when advising clients involved in or contemplating litigation, but should also be read by those specialising in the development and delivery of IT projects.

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