A User’s Guide to Data Protection - Press Release

Press Release
March 2013

A User’s Guide to Data Protection

Paul Lambert

Ensuring full compliance with the new data protection regime

A User’s Guide to Data Protection is the new essential guide to the laws of data protection.

As the most up-to-date book available, it outlines and explains the new data protection regime to help ensure that all companies and organisations can easily follow and comply with the law as it currently stands.

Structured to focus on all issues relevant to organisations and companies, it covers every internal and external data protection issue that companies may face in their day-to-day running, with each issue presented in separate sections for ease of reference.

Preparation for the future

Furthermore, this fully comprehensive guide also ensures that companies can prepare for the implementation of future changes by highlighting the most anticipated changes contained within the forthcoming EU Data Protection Regulation.

Data loss, penalties and the Leveson Report

Unique to the area of data protection guides, A User’s Guide to Data Protection covers data loss and penalties in detail to assist organisations in spotting and avoiding potential pitfalls. It also includes a separate section on the Leveson Report’s findings on data protection, to bring the media right up to date with media-specific data protection issues, as well as the new updates to cookie laws and security regarding personal data breach and reporting issues.

Internal and external data protection issues

Coverage of internal issues in the guide includes those affecting employees, agents, contractors, prospective employees, monitoring and discipline. Further coverage of external issues includes those concerning customers, prospective customers and users across all areas of interface from first engagement, advertising and marketing, to the use of email and websites.

With such extensive content, A User’s Guide to Data Protection provides organisations with a comprehensive reference guide to every aspect of data protection.

Legislation and case law

To further ensure that readers grasp the full, current state of data protection law, A User’s Guide to Data Protection covers the following set of legislation, case law and more:

• Data Protection Act 1998
• Data breach and reporting issues such as those involving:
o Sony (80million) and HMRC (20million)
o Financial and Health organisations
o Police forces
o Significant fines for incorrect storage, maintenance and processing of data
• The most recent cases and penalties for data breach/loss and other breaches of the data protection regime and across specific sectors such as:
o Prudential: £50,000 in relation to incorrect storage and processing
o Greater Manchester Police: £120,000 for data loss/theft
o NHS ABHB: £70,000
o Scottish Borders Council: £250,000 for data loss
o Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust: £325,000 for security and data loss breach

Who should buy this guide?

This is an essential guide for commercial, technology and compliance law practitioners (solicitors and barristers), in-house counsel, data protection officers, HR professionals, directors, local authorities and technology companies. Law students studying modules in data protection will also find this a helpful reference source.

About the author

Paul Lambert BA, LLB, LLM, CTMA, is a lecturer and solicitor specialising in contentious and non-contentious internet, IT and intellectual property law. He frequently writes and speaks on technology-related issues that affect the legal systems in Europe, the US and Asia. Paul is also the author of Courting Publicity: Twitter and Television Cameras in Court (Bloomsbury Professional, October 2011).

ISBN: 978 1 84766 980 3 Pub date: February 2013 Format: Paperback
Price: £85 Extent: 756pp


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