A Practical Guide to Immigration Law Relating to Students - Press Release

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A Practical Guide to Immigration Law Relating to Students

By Elena Tsirlina

With a foreword by the Honourable Mr Justice Blake
President, Upper Tribunal, Immigration and Asylum Chamber

November 2011

Is the sponsorship and licensing scheme legal?

A Practical Guide to Immigration Law Relating to Students considers the wide-ranging implications of the High Court judgments in Pankina and EnglishUK and resultant Upper Tribunal case law and examines the legality of the sponsorship and licensing scheme and weighs up the benefit and abuse of the student route.

The first book to cover this controversial area of immigration law

As the first book of its kind A Practical Guide to Immigration Law Relating to Students is the only legal guide available to address UK immigration law and procedure, as it relates to international students and their sponsors in the UK.

It comprehensively explains how and why the ‘student’ category has become a controversial issue in recent years, discussing the results of changes in government policy and in public perception.

Practical assistance in handy manuals

Detailed ‘how to’ manuals make up the bulk of the book, to provide practical assistance to those affected in the following three categories.

• Students, academics and researchers coming to the UK to visit, study or work, or those seeking to extend their leave or switch into other categories
• Education providers planning to apply for a sponsor licence

• All the aforementioned in respect of the legal challenges that can be mounted, if unsuccessful in their applications

Combining practical and analytical approaches this unique title draws on the historical perspective of policy formation and development of regulatory systems to strengthen immigration control over students within the broad framework of the Points Based System.

Armed and ready!

All this information arms the reader with a solid knowledge of the relevant law and procedure as well as a sound understanding of its genesis and rationale. This is a much-needed guide for barristers and solicitors advising on immigration law, officials dealing with student immigrants and judges determining appeals.

About the author

Elena Tsirlina is the principal of Blokh Solicitors, a London-based immigration, nationality, asylum and human rights boutique law firm.Her areas of particular expertise include the student category of UK immigration law and its transformation into Tier 4 of the Points Based System. She is a published author of articles on various aspects of UK immigration and a speaker at industry seminars and conferences, including those relating to student immigration law.

Format: Soft back – ISBN: 978 1 84766 571 3 - Price: £40 - Publication date: Oct 2011 - Length: 588 pp

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