Bloomsbury Family Law Briefing: March Teaser

Cases of the month Re A (Children) [2020] EWCA Civ 448 (25 March 2020) – Where there had been serious injuries to a child, and a judgment was sought by the police, Re C (A Minor) (Care Proceedings:... Read more

Bloomsbury Immigration Law Briefing: March Teaser

Welcome to the latest Bloomsbury Immigration Law Briefing which covers the period up to 27 March 2020. Read more

Confidentiality: where does the public interest lie?

Confidentiality and family proceedings Confidentiality is a term which crops up frequently in family law – of family, especially children, proceedings; of the extent to which couples financial and... Read more

Bloomsbury IP/IT Briefing: March Teaser

This month’s Briefing focuses on important patent judgments, as well as a notable trade secrets ruling and a Court of Appeal decision that considers the Data Protection Act. The Brexit update... Read more

Securities Frauds Elements in the UK

How do we define securities fraud in UK law? After all, it’s a complicated legal term and we need to understand how to apply it. UK law is, in general, quite complex. This article covers different... Read more

Draft cannabis law advances in Mexico

Mexico has taken a step further towards a fully legal adult recreational cannabis market after draft legislation sailed through the Senate last week. Read more

UK lifts medicinal cannabis import restrictions, promises further action

The UK government has eased import restrictions on medicinal cannabis, and has promised to do more to improve access for patients campaigning for access to the drug. Read more

Bloomsbury Family Law Briefing: March Teaser

Lancashire County Council v E & F [2020] EWHC 182 (Fam) (4 February 2020), Lieven J – Refusal to set aside Jehovah’s Witness elders witness summonses in relation to care proceedings. Claims to... Read more

Bloomsbury IP/IT Briefing: February Teaser

This months’ briefing includes a CJEU ruling on trade marks and morality, a trade mark case involving Red Bull, two copyright cases and the latest FRAND patent decision. We also have news on the EU’s... Read more

Family Reporting: A black hole

Public concern about the operation of family courts is particularly acute at present. Whenever examples of poor practice come to light, as they have recently through an appellate judgment concerning... Read more

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